Saal Digital UK Photo booklet review

I was interested in reviewing the photo booklet off the back of the success of the photo book I have previously reviewed.

As like previous the whole process was a breeze with selecting the layout and placing the order. Saal Digital where fast to print and dispatch the booklet unfortunately the carrier they use are sum what slower like the photo book it took Over A Week To Arrive unfortunately in a fast moving world a week is just too long for me other printers can have my order delivered with 3-4 days but that’s not Saal Digitals fault as they where extremely quick to dispatch.

So fast forward 1 week the product arrived safe and sound on first glance the product looks very good for this review I selected matt paper, the pages are a good thickness and feel very professional the colour reproduction is spot on what I seen on my screen at home even the black and white is prefect with no colour cast. Some off the images I selected have come out looking a bit softer when printed on a two page spread.

The booklet is bound in a metal wire with a plastic protective cover which makes it look great.

Over all its a good product with great potential I will order more as I do like the product. If only the postage was faster that is my only issue with my whole experience. I will recommend the photo booklet to both my clients and family.

10 out of 10 Saal Digital UK


Saal-Digital Photobook Review

This is the first time i have ever done a review of anything. About a week ago i seen an advert on Instagram from Saal-Digital looking for product reviewers & i thought that i would like to give it ago so i filled in the application form & before i knew it i had been accepted i received an email asking me to accept the terms then i was send a £40 voucher for a photobook of my choice. I looked through the different sized photobooks & opted for a 28 x 19 book in gloss.

I downloading the Saal-Digital design software installed within a few seconds then i found it very easy to use its mostly drag and sbobet drop there is layout templates but i never used them I did try the auto layout what worked like a charm. This design software is one of the best i have tried 10/10

Delivery of the photobook took around a week for a product for review that was acceptable delivery time but if i was to use this as a commercial service i would expect delivery within 3 working days anyway the book was very well packaged.

I opted to have my logo on the front cover, The covers are very thick & printed to a high quality very professional looking. On the first 2 pages i opted to have an aerial photo since i had just gained my PFCO (Permission For Commercial Operations) from the CAA the print at first glance looks good but on further inspection i found the image to be a bit on the soft side then i discovered that i had used the auto layout on this page the reason i think its the auto layout is that i used it on another page and that image was also a bit on the soft side but all other images what i didn’t use auto layout where perfect. The colour representation is spot on with what I saw on the screen at time of ordering even the black & white images are perfect in tone with no colour cast. The pages are very glossy almost as if there is glass in front of them, the pages also feel very think


The book has virtually no join or crease where the pages join also the book opens flat meaning that all of the images especially the double page images are visible.

The book should have cost £39.45 + Postage for 30 pages, I think this is actually very good value for money I will recommend Saal-Digital  I do hope to use the company in the future for my prints.


Very good product printed to a very high standard but don’t use the auto layout feature. Saal-Digital seem like a company that know what they are doing and cant wait to try there photo booklet.

So Its a Big 9/10 from me!! Thanks Saal-Digital

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Weekend in Oban

Last weekend I spend in Oban at the Highland Dance & Music Festival i took a few images with i was there. This wasn’t a holiday but a working breakaway assisting Ronnie Cairns Photography with event photography.

Below is a small selection of landscapes  i took.


Walk in Benmore Gardens

A few photos from my walk today with the family in Benmore Gardens

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”3″ gal_title=”Benmore”]

Prints Forsale

New Print Forsale

Harvest Moonrise

This print is a A4 size print mounted in A3 size mount.

This image was taken from Dunoon facing Gourock with Argyll Ferries MV Argyll Flyer sailing into frame.

Special offer of £25.00



Puck’s Glen Part 2

I have always liked this part of Pucks Glen the most. I just love how the water comes down the waterfall with the pool below & how you walk round the pool just magical.



Puck’s Glen Walk

On Monday I went for a walk in Puck’s Glen near Dunoon. The last time I went there it was around 8 years ago, last time I went it was quiet but this time it was busy with people but also with other photographers which for me felt rather strange since i was always used to it being quiet & no other photographers.


Below is just one photo from Monday i also tried out some new filters what i was rather pleased with.


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